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power of loveThe AIDS epidemic is the single biggest crisis in human history. It has killed over 25 million people since 1981 and another 35-40 million are expected to die in the next twenty years. Fourteen million children have been orphaned due to AIDS in Africa alone.

Who We Are:

Power of Love Foundation is a secular United States charity focused on developing innovative, cost-effective solutions to address the HIV and AIDS epidemics. The direct beneficiaries are women and children as they have been disproportionately impacted by these epidemics. Our goal is to create and implement long term solutions that go beyond handouts by providing the right tools to women and children so that they can take steps toward self-reliance.

What We Do:

We strongly believe that the long term solution to the HIV crisis is an untapped resource that has always existed within the community - its women. POL empowers women (many of whom are grandmothers caring for several orphaned grandchildren) and puts them on the path to self-reliance via the following multi-pronged approach: (i) Train women to care for their HIV infected children and orphans, (ii) Provide business training and micro loans to women to start a business, (iii) Provide food, medicines, and a package of life-saving healthcare services to HIV+ children, and (iv) Provide long lasting insecticide treated nets and education on malaria prevention to children and families vulnerable to malaria.

The success of Power of Love's comprehensive approach is evident as the survival rate for children in our program is 95%; over the course of the last three years, all but three of the 250 HIV positive children have survived. Most children in our program are stable in health and living close to normal lives. This is a huge victory in the fight against AIDS and a direct result of our innovative programs. The success of POL's pediatric HIV care program has had a tangible impact on the behavior of their primary caregivers as well. As grandmothers, grand-aunts, and mothers in the community notice the positive effect that quality care has on their children, they are initiating action and coming forward for testing for HIV. Since testing for HIV is the first step in HIV prevention and spread, their actions are leading to a reduction in the stigma associated with HIV and its incidence in the community .

To sum, our solution is  to strengthen the community by empowering women so that they can take better care of their children and families. Read more

Health Education Day 2014 - Provision of 2000 Malaria Bed Nets and Education on Prevention of Malaria

We would like to say a big “Thank You” for supporting Power of Love Foundation’s (POL) Project Mosquito Nets program. With your support, we were able to provide 2000 long lasting insecticide treated nets to women and children vulnerable to malaria in Zambia in the summer of 2014.

Business Training and Micro Loans Provided to New Women Entrepreneurs in Zambia


In June 2014, 22 new women were identified to be provided with business training and loans to start small businesses. Alka Subramanian and Sandra Loeb from the Power of Love Foundation participated in the loan disbursement activities, held on June 12, 2014. The women who received loans were happy and said that they were looking forward to starting a business with the loan capital and would work hard to make their businesses successful. For most women this was their first business venture.