2011 - Stories of Children in Power of Love's Program in Zambia

Tresha Chiyanka: Tresha is 18 months old and has been part of Power of Love’s Pediatric AIDS program for the past 6 months. Tresha’s mother is also HIV+ and her father left them after Tresha’s birth. Unable to provide for herself and Tresha, Tresha’s mom moved in with Tresha’s grandmother who is already taking care of 10 other orphaned children. When Tresha enrolled in our program she was on ARV’s and was suffering from bronchitis and malnutrition. Our program provides her with high protein soya supplements, food and weekly health check-ups. As s result, she is not malnourished and in a stable condition at present.

Nancy Hamuyumbe: Nancy is 8 months old and was identified by Power of Love’s health care worker last December. Nancy’s mother, who is also HIV+, brought Nancy to our Clinic to be tested for HIV (her father has refused to be tested). When Nancy arrived at our Clinic, she was dehydrated, malnourished, and coughing. POL staff helped her mom transfer her to the hospital. Now at 7 months, Nancy’s condition has improved as a result of the food, medicines and weekly health check-ups provided by our program.

Vincent Phiri: Vincent is the youngest child in a family of six and lives with his mom. Although none of his siblings have been tested for HIV, his mom tested positive when she was pregnant with Vincent in 2008. Currently, Vincent’s mother is taking ARVs to improve her health. In order to feed the family, Vincent’s mother sells different types of vegetables. Vincent’s mom was informed about Power of Love’s program by her friend whose child is enrolled in the program. Since, Vincent has been enrolled in the program, she has been able to get all her children tested.

Davis Phiri: Davis, the second child in a family of two, is a single orphan who is being cared for by his grandmother. Davis’ grandmother, sells charcoal for a living, and provides care to 7 other children in her household. Davis was born in July 2008 and lost his mom in 2009. His dad divorced his mom in 2009, remarried and does not lives with Davis and his grandmother. Davis was very sick last December when his grandmother brought him to Power of Love’s clinic and he was enrolled in our program. Davis’s grandmother received counseling and training on HIV/AIDS care for a HIV positive child. Davis started ARV’s in January 2011, is stable in health and his grandmother is optimistic despite his positive status.