June 2013 - Stories of Children in our Pediatric HIV/AIDS care program in Zambia

Power of Love's pediatric HIV/AIDS care program continues to improve the lives of several hundred children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS and malaria in Zambia. The goal of this program is to strengthen women and grandmothers, so that they can take care of their own children and sick family members at home. We do this by providing food, medicines and a package of life saving health care services to HIV positive children in Zambia. Given below are stories of three children who are benefitting from this program.

Victor: Victor is nine years old and lives in a two-room rented home with his three siblings, step-mom and dad. He lost his mom when he was 2 years old and is being cared for by his step-mom and dad who are both HIV positive. His dad's job as a bar man does not bring in enough income to take care of his family. Victor tested positive in 2009 and started taking ARV medication in December of the same year. However, he did not respond well to treatment and was enrolled in our paediatric HIV/AIDS care program in April 2012. Before joining our program, he had sores round his scalp, diarrhoea, fever, and was not gaining weight. Since enrolment, Victor's weight has gone up from 33 lbs. to 48 lbs. He is given a health check-up every week by our community health worker and is stable in health. Victor is attending a community school as a first grader.

Lazarus:  Lazarus lives with his grandmother, mom, and seven other children that are all cared for by his grandmother. His parents divorced when he was one week old and his mom is HIV positive. Lazarus is also HIV positive and started taking ARV medication in January 2013. He is a fifth grader in a government school and is stable in health. His grandmother is very happy that Lazarus is enrolled in our paediatric HIV/AIDS care program as they receive food, medicines, weekly health check-ups, psychosocial counselling and education in prevention of HIV. In addition, the training she received in caring for an HIV positive child helps her take better care of the other children at home.

Charity: Charity is nine years old and is being cared for by her grandmother as she lost both her parents to AIDS. Prior to enrolment in 2012, Charity was sick with TB and persistent diarrhoea. Since enrolment her health has improved and is now stable. Charity loves our Safe Parks program where she gets help with homework as she attends a community school. Her grandmother is very happy with the support received from Power of Love.