Project Mosquito Net Update: Net Distribution in Zambia, October 2011

Power of Love Foundation’s (POL) Project Mosquito Nets program provides long lasting insecticide treated bed nets to women and children vulnerable to Malaria in Zambia. We would like to sincerely thank donors who continue to support this program. It is with your support that we were able to provide 1000 insecticide treated nets to women and children vulnerable to Malaria in and around Lusaka, Zambia in October 2011.

Distribution of Nets in Zambia

Recipients were identified through community outreach, including door-to-door home visits and were chosen based on need. For example, households with children under the age of 15 years living with unemployed grandparents, children of parents who were unemployed or too poor to purchase nets, and children of HIV positive parents. Each beneficiary household was given one net with the understanding that the net will be used by 1-3 family members.

Location of Nets Distribution

1. Site: Kapiri-Mposhi, Zambia. Nets Distributed: 700
The majority of the nets were distributed to residents of the Ndeke compound in Kapiri-Mposhi, Zambia. Kapiri-Mposhi is a town of 75,000 residents located approximately 220 km away from Lusaka. The Power of Love Foundation partnered with “Shalom Project” (a local non-profit organization) to identify beneficiaries and complete distribution activities. The need for nets is huge in the Ndeke compound of Kapiri-Mposhi as most of its residents are unemployed and too poor to afford bed nets. In the rainy season in particular, this area becomes waterlogged and swampy creating an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos. In addition, Kapiri has high rates of HIV infection as it is the transport link for Tanzania.

In 2010, Power of Love had distributed 1200 insecticide treated nets to the residents of Ndeke compound and one net was being used by 2-3 people on average. We are seeing a reduction in malaria cases as a result of the provision of nets in 2010 and in 2011. Data collected from the local clinic shows that the number of malaria cases decreased by 26% in 2011 as compared to the same period in 2010.

2. Distribution Site: Chiyuyu, Zambia. Nets Received: 200
Chiyuyu is approximately 45 km away from Lusaka. The area includes a swamp land and the river, both of which contribute to the high rates of malaria in the region. With over 5,000 people spread across 7 villages, the single local clinic is overworked with malaria cases. The clinic had requested nets from the Power of Love in order to reduce the number of malaria cases.

3. Distribution Site: Lupwa Lowabumi, Zambia. Nets Received: 50
Lupwa Lowabumi is a rural town approximately 50 km from Lusaka. The Zambian Association of Child and Youth Care workers partnered with the Lupwa Lowabumi community to form a Safe Park (community youth program) and nets were provided to participating youth.

4. Distribution Site: Lusaka, Zambia. Nets Received: 50
Power of Love operates a pediatric AIDS care clinic in the Matero Compound in Lusaka and children enrolled in this program were provided with nets.

Impact of Distribution

Provision of bed nets and education on malaria prevention and proper use and maintenance of nets will go a long way in eradicating malaria from the community. We expect to see a marked reduction in the incidence of malaria due to: (i) lower infection rates will lead to higher school attendance, and (ii) health of people living with HIV/AIDS will improve as their immune system is not further compromised due to malaria.