Stories of Children in Power of Love's Program in Zambia

Misozi Mbewe

Misozi is 13 years old and was enrolled in Power of Love's program in 2006. She lives with her mother, two sisters and five brothers. Her mother and three of her brothers are HIV positive and are enrolled in Power of Love's program. Misozi's father divorced her mother after learning that she was HIV positive. In order to earn a living her mother started working as a maid but was dismissed after disclosing her status to her employers.

Before Misozi was enrolled in Power of Love's program she was very sick and suffered from chronic diarrhea and persistent coughing. She was tested after joining our program and has been put on anti-retroviral therapy (ART). Misozi's health is stable, she is back in school and pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher.

Ian Mwale

Ian is 17 years old and he living with his aunt as he lost both his parents to AIDS.  Ian tested positive after he enrolled in our program. Ian knows his HIV status, has accepted the situation and does not blame anyone for it. Ian sticks to the medication regimen prescribed by Power of Love's Nurse, and as a result his CD count is up and his health is stable. Power of Love program provides him with food, medicines, school fees, and Ian is thankful for this support. 

Ian is a good student and hopes to graduate from high school in two years. He is studying hard to become an engineer. 

James Kabanda

James was born in March 2002 and is the youngest in the family. James lost his father to HIV/AIDS when he was only a year old. James tested positive when he enrolled in Power of Love’s program in 2007 and presently he is on ARVs. His mom is also HIV positive and on anti-retroviral therapy. His older brother is HIV negative. James takes his medication regularly and currently his CD4 count is good and his health is stable. He is very stable and healthy.James enrolled in school in 2009 after he received support for school supplies from Power of Love Foundation and is a second grader at present.


Kondwani Nyanansulu

Kondwani is nine years old and second born in a family of four. He lives with his grandmother in a household with nine people. Both his parents are HIV positive. Before enrolling in Power of Love’s program, Kondwani was suffering from tuberculosis. He tested positive for HIV in 2006 and currently is on medication for TB and HIV. Due to the continuous care provided by our program, Kondwani’s health is stable at present. Kondwani loves school and he and his best friend Joseph, walk to school together every day.

Joseph Phiri

Joseph is nine years old and has been in Power of Love’s program for the last five years. Joseph lost his dad to tuberculosis in 2004 and his mom to AIDS in 2008. His mom died as she stopped taking ARV’s on the advice of her pastor who told her that God had healed her. Joseph is living with his aunt with eight people. His aunt sells vegetables for a living.
Joseph had started getting sick when he was two months old but at present his health is stable as he is ARV’s. Joseph’s school expenses were provided by our program in 2009 and he attends school regularly.
His picture is given above with his best friend Kondwani.


Suwilanji is 8 years old, is the youngest in a family of five and she lives with her mom. Both she and her mom are HIV positive, and are on anti-retroviral therapy. Suwilanji’s mom received a micro loan and business training from the Power of Love and started a small business. Suwilanji loves school and is doing well at school.


Prince Shimatila

Prince was born in 1997 and was very sick as a child. He lost both his parents and is cared for by his aunt. He enrolled in Power of Love’s program in 2006 and tested positive for HIV the same year. Prince attends a special school at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, because of his special needs (he has some degree of mental retardation and an impaired sense of hearing). The Doctors have ruled out side effects of his medication. Prince’s aunt has no source of income and struggles to provide for her family. Prince’s aunt has been approved for a micro loan from the Power of Love Foundation and will receive business training before she receives a loan to start a small business.

Taonga Lungu

Taonga is 13 years old and HIV positive. Both her parents died when she was very young and her grandmother cares for her and nine other grand children. Taonga has not started anti-retroviral therapy yet as her CD4 count is good. She is a fifth grader, likes school and does well at school. However, she complains that often times she leaves for school without breakfast. Taonga is happy that the Power of Love Foundation is making it possible for her to attend school as the program provided her with school supplies in 2009. Taonga worries about her grandmother as she is very old and unable to do anything to earn a living.

Modester Nkoma

Modester is 15 years old and lost both her parents to TB a few years back. She is being cared for by her grandmother in a household with eight people. Her older brother is also HIV positive and on ARVs. Modester tested positive for HIV in 2005 and started taking ARVS in 2006. She knows her HIV status, collects medications on her own and adheres well to the medication schedule. She is doing well at school and her dream is to become a nurse after she graduates from high school.