What's the scoop with Arms Reach Care?

Arms Reach CareThe Power of Love foundation offers low cost, high quality care to more children than one might imagine. We do this through a field tested, effecient program for assiting children infected with HIV and their families called Arms Reach Care.

Arms Reach Care, or ARC, uses a pyramid structure to ensure children enrolled in the program are given high quality care while maximizing the number of young people the program can hlep. ARC does this through a three tiered system of caregivers:

  • Family Care Givers
  • Community Care Assistants
  • Nurses

The Family Care Givers are members of a patients' household who are trained in basic home nursing. These family members provide a watchful eye, and give daily love and support to members of their household.

Community Care Assistants have more training than Family Care Givers, and supervise the household's treatment. They visit a home at least once a week and oversee treatment adeherence, ensuring each child's prescribed treatment needs are being met.

Project Nurses are the top level in the ARC model, and are fully trained and certified nurses. They make final diagnoses, referrals, dispense medication for common infections, and locate then transport urgent medical cases to the local clinic. 

Working together, Arms Reach Care involves more community membenrs in care-giving, and allows top level nurses to apply their strong training and experience to a greater number of patients.

More details are available from Power of Love on the Arms Reach Care model.