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September 3, 2020

Families Are Enjoying Cooking With Their Clean Stoves

As a result of the generosity of an anonymous donor, we were able to provide clean cooking stoves and education to vulnerable families in Zambia. Over the last four winter months, 1000 families have benefitted from the provision of clean cooking stoves. Family members love their new stoves as these keep them warm, cook food faster, and save money on fuel.

Why are these stoves better? The stoves are built using patented air regulation, technology, minimize CO, PM, and greenhouse gas emissions leading to better health, savings, climate change mitigation, and everyday convenience. 

Next steps: Our goal is to provide 10,000 stoves and education on proper use to benefit 50,000 family members in the next six months.

The provision of stoves is in addition to the ongoing health care services, mosquito nets, education, and business monitoring provided to all families enrolled in our pediatric HIV care, micro loans, and malaria prevention programs. 

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