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August 8, 2019

July 2019 - Thanks for Helping Educate Vulnerable Children in India

Dear Friend: Hope you are having a fun summer! Our partner Jagruthi,  continues to provide high quality health care and education to several hundred children of sex workers. Most children are undernourished, have access to little or no medical care, and live in unsanitary environments in and around Bengaluru, India. They need professional medical care, counseling, and education. A team of trained healthcare workers and counselors provides these services with love, empathy and caring. As a result the children are learning and thriving. 

We are raising funds to provide food, shelter and schooling to 1500 vulnerable children and families in India. Your donation of $60 will help pay for school expenses for two children for one year. Every dollar counts and goes directly towards keeping orphans and vulnerable children healthy, and in school. And as always, 100% of your donations go towards programs and no part is used for overhead costs.  

Your friends at the Power of Love Foundation


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