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January 1, 2024

Let's Continue Fighting to Keep Children Healthy and in School

Our mission is that children living with HIV grow without any disadvantages, graduate from school and college, and lead normal lives. We have learned that children living with HIV need more than medicines - they need a full package of support including school fees, psychosocial counseling, play time, protein supplements, training and education in HIV prevention, and rapid intervention in case of any new infections. All children enrolled in our pediatric HIV care program receive this package of services and are leading close to normal lives. Some of the successes of this program are:

  • 500 children living with HIV receive a full package of healthcare services.
  • 94% of the children enrolled have undetectable viral loads (as if they have no HIV).
  • More than 6000 family members benefit from our package.
  • 92% of the children in our program attend school regularly.

An investment of $355 (covers healthcare services, food, medicines and school support) helps ensure one child living with HIV is able to grow up without disadvantages. It ensures their normal healthy growth, puts them through school, and helps them lead normal lives. It also keeps a family of 7-8 members informed about HIV prevention and care, improves sanitation and health, and strengthens the community. The overall impact is multi-generational as every child who graduates school changes the trajectory of one family’s future. Please donate generously so we can continue to keep children healthy and in school.

Thank you for your caring and continued support.

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