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June 10, 2022

Meet Our Heroes

With your support, 500 children living with HIV receive a comprehensive package of health care services, 230 children received funds for school expenses for 2022, and recently 75 family members of new children enrolled received training in basic nursing and hygiene. In addition, all families receive long lasting insecticide treated nets, education on disease prevention, and counseling. As a result, most children are stable or improving in health, are well-adjusted to their HIV positive status and are attending school. Over the last 12 months, our focus has been to encourage all families to get vaccinated against COVID and learn about disease prevention. These program activities have resulted in families being more self-reliant in taking care of their health.

We would like you to meet two children who inspire us every day. These children are our heroes and their stories are given below.

Tom (not his real name) is a 12-year-old boy. He and his brother (who is HIV free), live with their widowed grandma. Their father died and their mother left them with their grandmother. Tom’s grandmother's only source of income is payment "in kind" for odd jobs in her neighborhood. There are seven people in the household; their home has no water, and they can barely afford 1-2 meals per day. In 2010, Tom tested positive for HIV and has been on ARV medication since then. In September 2021, Tom’s grandma enrolled him after she was introduced to our pediatric HIV care program. Before Tom joined our program, he was sick often, with diarrhea and had stunted growth. After joining, Tom receives food (including high protein soy supplement), medicines, and regular health check-ups. As a result, his health is much better, and his viral load is undetectable. Tom is a fourth grader and likes school. His grandmother is grateful that she enrolled him in our pediatric HIV care program.

Angie: Nine-year-old Angie lives with her parents, both HIV+, in a two-room rented home. Her home has electricity but no water which they get from a borehole (well). Her father works part-time, and her mom works as a maid which allows them to eat three meals per day. Before joining our program, Angie suffered from cough, fever, diarrhea and was not growing normally. Since 2018 when Angie enrolled in our program, she has received food (including high protein soy supplement), medicines, psychosocial counseling, and regular health check-ups. As a result, her health has improved considerably, she adheres to her medication regimen, and her viral load is undetectable. In addition, Angie receives funds for school uniforms, shoes, and books. She is studying in grade four. She was shy before joining the program, but she is now a happy and social child with a positive outlook.  

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