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September 4, 2023

Our Goal is Zero New HIV Infections and Eradication of AIDS

Power of Love's pediatric HIV care program provides a suite of services to children living with HIV so they can live close to normal or normal lives. With improved health, 95% of school age children are in school.  Second, all children (or their caregivers) receive monitoring and training in adherence to medication. As a result, we have an adherence rate of 100% to medications and 83% of the children have undetectable viral loads. Finally, with education on elimination of vertical transmission, all children born to HIV+ moms have been HIV free.   

Our goal: is for all children to graduate high school. Second, since all children are adhering to medications, and with continued adherence after graduation from the program, we are confident that no child will develop AIDS. Finally, our goal is HIV prevention and zero new HIV infections.   

Thank you for giving the gift of health to vulnerable children in Zambia.

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