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February 23, 2017

"Safe Parks" keeps children engaged and strenghthens the community

Your generosity is helping provide a safe and learning environment for orphans and vulnerable children from Matero – a community that is characterized with a high incidence of HIV, TB and malaria. Most residents in this community are poor and live on less than $2 per day – defined as extreme poverty by the UN. Given below is a story of a typical child who has benefitted from regular participation in "Safe Park" activities and is on track to become a role model for younger children.

Peter is a 12-year old orphan who enrolled in our “Safe Park” program about two years back but started participating regularly 12 months back. He lives with his aunt and cousins in Matero. At the time of enrollment, Peter was quiet, withdrawn, did not smile, missed school regularly and had few friends. Over the last year or so, Peter’s personality has changed and he is a different boy in many ways. He now interacts well with his peers, attends school regularly, has several friends, and like most children his age loves playing soccer. Peter’s aunt is happy as he is doing well at school. She said that the “Safe Park” program has made a significant impact on Peter. Also, his aunt said that Peter is turning into a responsible young boy as he helps with chores at home. Peter participates in all “Safe Park” activities, expresses himself freely, and interacts well with peers. In addition, he proudly shares his report card with the counsellors during educational activities. We are confident that he will be a wonderful role model/mentor for other kids as he gets older.

“Safe Park” is making a positive impact on children from the community of Matero. Children who attend are happy while playing and learning and better adjusted to home and school. Almost all children who participate regularly show a significant improvement in their overall health. And with better health they can attend school, learn and make their families and the community stronger. More important, program activities continue to have a greater impact on children who have been traumatized and/or abused. In these cases, there has been a reduction in grief and trauma, and the child’s relationship with the family has been positively reinforced. In addition, children develop a sense of belonging in their home and community.

Your gift of fun and learning, continues to benefit more than 650 children from the community of Matero in Lusaka, Zambia. Thanks!

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