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June 14, 2023

April 2023 - Launched a Clean Water Project

Dear Friend: Happy April! We are happy to share that Power of Love launched a Clean Water project on World Water Day, March 25. This project provides training and safe water filtration systems to families who do not have access to clean water. Access to clean water will prevent water borne diseases, such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery, Hepatitis A etc. Diarrhea, a central symptom of most water borne diseases, is the second leading cause of death in children under five years old, and is responsible for killing more than 500,000 children every year. Children who are malnourished or whose immune system is weak are especially vulnerable as diarrhea can be life threatening for these children.

Access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation and hygiene can save hundreds of thousands of lives.

Our goal is for children and families to stay safe from water borne diseases. Please donate generously, so we can help improve the health of families. Every dollar counts and, as always, 100% of your donations go towards programs and no part is used for overheads.  

Your friends at the Power of Love Foundation

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