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January 31, 2021

Jan 2021 - Happy 2021

Dear Friend: Wishing that 2021 is filled with good health and happiness for you and your family. This year could be a turning point in ending AIDS if a vaccine for HIV become available. Results regarding a new experimental HIV vaccine, that uses the same approach as the COVID-19 vaccine, are promising. If successful, future vaccines could provide superior protection not only against HIV but against malaria, tuberculosis, influenza and hepatitis C. According to UNAIDS, only 67% of people living with HIV are on treatment, and only 59% have suppressed viral loads or very low levels of HIV in the blood. For children comparable numbers are 40% and 53%. These numbers underscore the urgency of expanding treatment options. An HIV vaccine will make it much easier for millions of people living with HIV to never develop AIDS.

Thanks for your continued support and caring for vulnerable adults and children living with HIV in Zambia. Every dollar counts and keep vulnerable populations healthy, and children in school. And, as always, 100% of your donations go towards programs and no part is used for overheads.

Your friends at the Power of Love Foundation


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